Logistic Service

We can offer over fifteen years of experience, suitable and high quality equipments (shelves, forklift trucks, dock levellers) and high qualified and trustable consultancy staff.

With our experience and excellence, we can provide a successful functioning of all the processes, since the receiving to the shipment of the goods in a extremely optimized way ever.

We are the best in the local market. It can be proved by the ISO Certification and by the high quality service we provide, which assures a perfect storage of your goods and a real confidential management of your sensitive data.

An accurate warehouse management allows us to control quickly and effectively our stock. In addition we are able to track and provide information of all the shipments.

Our authorizations are for:

  • Customs Warehousing
  • Fiscal Warehousing
  • Dangerous Warehousing ADR goods
  • Raw leather Warehousing